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2012-09-01 16:36

Imagine that the scores are +1 for a win, 0 for a draw, and -1 for a loss. Like gmabling, it can be better to walk away. Basically, though, we're just trying to decide the winner of the tournament, not necessarily rank everyone else. It's designed to allow people to enter the tournament late, or to miss a round or two and then return. In money tournaments, byes have to be declared in advance, not on an ad hoc basis. But we're just trying to run a friendly club. Although I'm sure other examples could be made that would show the silliness of our system when it comes to ranking players who are not close to the top of the standings, in your example, technically A wouldn't be given a half-point bye for the last round, so both A and B would finish with 2 points, and then B would be ahead of A on almost any tie-break system.

2011-10-13 03:22

AFAIC that's the best asenwr so far!